Event Organization


 Shivajian Sports Park

A fitness sports park for all the ages right from 3.5 yrs to 18yrs .

Through games the children develop their physical stamina, energy. Due to which their personality is developed. They gain self confidence, self identity. They come to know what their goals are and lead path accordingly.

Their physical, mental social development is increased in this sports park.the way of behavior, attitude, boldness all are strengthen.

In this sports park different games indoor, outdoor, ground games, inter ground sports competition are conducted.

The children are also made to learn yoga through which their body is trained, concentration is increased which help them out in future to attain their goals.

Many cultural activities are also done on Sports Park.


Shivsrushti Durg Darshan

A historical geographical, cultural environment, entertain tour event in which the students can actually feel, think observe and preserve the forts, historical monuments through which their overall development can be created.

By visiting such places peace, self respect, respect for their nation is developed. King Shivaji’s love, patriotism is already there in the blood only thing is that it should be expressed.

So with the aim of creating patriotism and value of historical monuments Akhil Bharatiya Sanskrutik Sangh, Shri Shivaji Adventure in joint venture organized this tour event in which around 12 Sahyadri Ranges, forts are covered.

Through the Sahyadri’s ranges along with the beauty nature of Kokan coast and actual visit to the historical places and gathering information with cultural values, recognizing the bravery of the warriors this tour event is conducted in 2002 and 2003.

Sakal Paper private Limited was the media sponsor.

Many schools ,colleges students took part in this event.