Cultural Activities


Cultural Activity

Tilgul Mahotsav 2009

Akhil Bharatiya Sanskrutik Sangh-An cultural NGO associate with UNESCO is organizing an multi cultural Tilgul Ceremony on 14th Jan 2009 on the eve of Makar Sankrant.

India is country of diversity where people with various religions,their traditions,culture,language,costumes,their heritage are living together for thousands of years conveying the message of  ”peace” i.e “Forgive and Forget but still be united”.

Taking this aspect Akhil Bharatiya Sanskrutik Sangh had invited people from different religions who are coming together under one shelter to give and take love and peace through this Til-Gul Ceremony. Around 700 people were gathering at Muktangan Bal Ranjan Kendra in sahakar Nagar . From pune city 45 corporators were invited.

We are grateful to have Hon.Shri Allen Pereria,Chairmon Bank Of Maharashtra as the chief guest of this ceremony along with Sr. Shri Satish Desai-Director of Marathi Natya Parishad,Shri Mangesh Tendulkar and representatives of all the religions like Hindu,Muslim,Sikh,Jain,Parshees,Christians are also invited for this ceremony. In this programme Manisha Nrityalaya and Archana Nrityalaya performed Kathak and Nandanam Nrityalaya performed a folk Dance. 55 Artists from Akhil Bharatiya Sanskrutik Sangh performed on “Salute to India” depiciting National Brotherhood,Peace with Unity In Diversity.


Guests were as follows:

Mr. Eden Mathew –Tanzania

Mr. Zamil Khan –Muslim Representative

Mr.Mohindhar Kandhar-Sikh Representative

Dr.Mohan Bhambal-Christian Representative

Smt. Vimal Mota-Jain Representative.


Tilgul Mahotsav 2008

Akhil Bharatiya Sanskrutik Sangh,Pune and ‘Ekrang’-Rajkot in collaboration had arranged ‘Interstate Maharashtra-Gujrath Tilgul Mahotsav’ in the year 2008.

Smt. Aasha  Shaha –Principal of RCM High School was present as a chief guest of this auspicious festival. For this festival professor of  R.C.M High School Hon.Shri Hasmukhbhai Patel,Shri  Kamlesh Prajapati head of  Ekmanch-Rajkot , Hon. Shri Shyam Bhurke was also present.

Shaha Said  “We are very happy today and feeling like we are in Gujarat only. Maharashtra is very rich in cultural heritage and especially Pune is the most cultural city. As this program is held in Pune this year we are looking forward  that same will be held in all over Maharashtra in future.

This program will boost concept of Unity in Diversity.

The main aim of this program was Maharashtra and Gujarat people should know each others’ culture. In this event ‘Jasma Adam’ a play was presented by Gujarat Group.