All India Multilingual Dance Drama Festival

11th Globasl Harmony 2015

11th Global Harmony 2015



GLOBAL HARMONY 2015- Multilingual Drama, Dance, Music Fest/Contest
The  Biggest Extravanganza in Pune-Maharashtra
This Festival is regarded as the only Cultural Festival in Pune, Maharashtra organized for 10 days in the three different - Tilak Smarak Mandir, Pt. Jawaharlala Sanskrutik Bhavan, SM Joshi Sabha Gruha, Auditoriums from morning   9.00 am to midnight 12.00 pm. by Akhil Bharatiya Sanskrutik Sangh, Pune, Maharashtra .The viewership was only by invitations. There were no tickets sale for this Fest.
In this Multilingual Drama, Dance, Music Fest. Amalgam of Events like
* The Dance Fest with different Styles :- Bharatnatyam, kathak, Kuchipudi, Manipuri, Satriya, Odissi,
    Regional Folk,  Modern dance, semiclassical dances
* The Vocal Fest. With different styles like :-Hindustani-Light Classical, Karnataka-Classical, Light, Folk, 
    Patriotic songs in 10 days.
* The Instrumental Fest. with different type of Instruments like:- Wind, Taal, String, Percussion, Electronic 
    Instruments in 10 days.
* Drama/Monoact- Multilingual plays -Contemporay, Mime, Historical, Mythological , Dance Drama etc
This  grand opening of this laudauble event was conducted in the presence of Hon. Shri. Shrimant Shivajiraje Bhosale- Descedant of
Chhatrapati Shivaji  Maharaj- Satara . Hon. Kanchan Laitha- Renowned   Kuchipudi exponents- Mysore, Hon. Keya Chanda- Renowned Kathak Dancer- Kolkata, Hon. Subrata De - Renowned Dance Critic & Sitarist - Delhi, Hon. Ujwala Nagarkar- Renowned Drama Critic, Hon. Vijaya Kale- Renowned folk artist, Hon. Sneha Pethkar- Renowned Vocalist.
     Hon. Shri. Shrimant Shivaji Raje Bhosale speech -"Music cannot  be tied up with any language, caste,creed,religion. Keeping away all discrimination & creating friendship are the eternal values. When Charapati Shivaji Maharaj assessed Maharashtra from aggressiveness by inspiring the Marathas manliness at that same time his brother Venkoji Raje with his descedants in tanjore karnataka not only encouraged the classical dance, music and literature but they themselves started doing research and emphasized it ."
The Vocal section was inaugrated by Ramdas  Uday Deshpande- Renowned Tabla player with Nagesh Bhosale- Dholki player, Manoj Bhandavalkar -Pakhawaj player and Hon. Shyam Bhurke . The opening was conducted with the Trital & Jugalbandhi of Tabla, Dholki and Pakhwaj by the above artists.
      Ramdas Uday Deshpande expressed his views - " Indian art & culture is like an ocean whose waves rise & diminishes but the depth of the ocean incorporates many things in itself. We can realize richness of our art & culture aboard." 
In this  event four age groups were there. Minor-5-8yrs,  Junior- 8-14yrs, Senior- 14 - 22 yrs, Open- 22 and above in dance, vocal, instrument.
Total 47 Dramas and Mono acts were  performed in 10 days.















Total 1307 programmes with 5000 artists performed in this mega event. According to ABSS the Junior & Senior age groups denotes the Youth category.
 As youth are the pillars of our future their entry also in this event was more than others. It's in the hands of youth to preserve & nourish our heritage . Youths are eager, sincere, every time emphasizing on new techniques with preserving the old one. They are keen to explore the new ways of putting forward their art of expertise in front of the world.
One could find in this event that youth perform their arts putting forward many different social problems , affairs based on real life .They are trying to emphases on the actual living of the society .
There were many Dramas conducted by youth - on Ragging , non-parental support, importance of a girl in the society, drugs , importance of education etc. On such topics they put forward the truth of the society. Now a days youth in the contemporary dance present many theme based real facts in their performance.  So the youth of today should be encouraged in his work. 
     Shyam Bhurke- "To gain success in the field of performing arts one should inhabitant that art. One who loves art is always a successful person in life. Dance is the blend of music, vocal, instrument and acting. So it is the soul of all art forms."
Artists from Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Haryana, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Assam, West Bengal took active participation with 250 group performances  along  solos, duets,Trios.
The Valedictory Function was held on 1st June at Ganesh Kala Krida Manch ,Pune. With Samartha English Medium School -Palus ,Sangli- Maharashtra's Shri. Ganesha the programme started. Total 25 artists at a time were there on stage . With Flawless dance & choreography they ranked topped . Another mind blowing performance was of Miss Ilhaam - Belly Dancer from Spain who presented an Eygptian Folk Tribal belly dance. With her grace & fabulous steps and easy flow she spell bounded the audience.  
The Chief Guest for this grand Closing Ceremony was Hon. Shri. Taalyogi Pt. Suresh Talwalkar.
       Hon. Shri. Taalyogi Pt. Suresh Talwalkar- "  the Gurushishya Parampara - where the disciple should have hardship, sincerity,  puncutality, loyalty, devotion to the art  he is being enhancing from his Guru. The Complete trained disciple is the Guru's  Dakshina. Every country is  identified by its cultural  structural  strength.  The Indian art has its origin from Vedic Parampara. Life  is an  Competition. Everyone  has  to  go through  it. 
Competition is just an reason to know where you are & where you have to reach . By taking part in such events will bring out from you actual hidden art which each and every person has by origin only thing is there is no platform or way known. Through such events you can brighten up your talents and reach your ultimate goal. 
In the Dance Section :- P.A.V.I.'s Dance institute- Mumbai-Maharshtra,Kathak ashram- Jaipur-Rajasthan, Dhyas performing Arts- Aurangabad- Maharashtra , Krishna Priya Kathak Kendra- Bhilai- Chattisgarh, Kalananad Nritya Sanstha- Mumbai- Maharashtra, Darodhar- Madhya Pradesh, Nritya Bharati- Delhi, Abhinaya Kuchipudi Kendra- Telangana , Malda Bharatanjali - Malda- West Bengal were some of the groups who topped up in this event.
For Vocal -Padma Priya Mahila Sanskrutik Gosthi-  Howly-  Assam, Swarangana Sangeet Vidyalaya- Pune, Maharashtra,  Assam Valley School- Tezpur -  Assam , Swaram - Vadodara- Gujarat were some groups who were in ranks.
Garware Collage of Commerce -Pune -Maharashtra won the First Award for the Best Drama , Second Award - Sreenagar Habra Natya Milan Gosthi- West Bengal, Third Award-Art & Artist Co- Koraput - Orissa . Best Light & Sound-  Liberty Theatre-  Imphal- Manipur. Best Child Play- Balranjan Kendra- Pune- Maharashta, Followed by Kalpangan-Mumbai & Bachpan & AHPS. Best Mime Play -Vidya Niketan School- Maharashtra.


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